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Website design

We offer a variety of web services, tailored to suit the needs of you or your organisation. A standard brochure-style Wordpress or HTML site costs from £395. Alternatively, a mini site consisting of 1-3 basic pages (like this site) costs £125.

In addition, we offer the necessary domain name registration and web hosting at very competitive prices.  Please contact us for full details. 

Contact us with your requirements

Email us to let us know who you are and what sort of thing you need, and we'll write back with more information.

Site promotion

Once we have built your new website, you will probably want to promote it online. The main thing to do to help your site get listed and get a high ranking on many search engine results, is to get other sites to link to your site from theirs.

These must be relevant sites, with subject matter closely related to yours, and should preferably have a high ranking in the search engine results.

You could also consider paying for adds on search engines, such as the ones which appear on Google.

There are many directory sites out there which you can submit your site name to, such as shopping sites which may be relevant to your site.

Site Examples


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